Virtual Workplaces


With information technology playing a bigger role in the daily operations of many companies, virtual workplaces are beginning to replace the traditional office environment of cubicles and office buildings. International companies have seen a significant increase in business in the past decade due to the globalization and widespread use of technology.

  • Between 2000 and 2008 41 % of new jobs involved working at home at least some of the time. Today, 19.2% of employees and self-employed people in Canada work at home at least part of the time.
  • Telecommuting and working at home have become a principal alternative to the automobile as a mode of access to employment, rivaling public transit as a mode of access to employment in many Canadian jurisdictions.
  • Government policy should be used to promote working from home, because of its potential for reducing public expenditures, improving productivity, reducing pollution emissions and decreasing traffic congestion.

Statistics Canada data reveals that 44% of Canadian jobs are telework-compatible but only 3% of the population considers home their primary place of work.



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