Global Programming Industry

images-1Software development is a growing trend in Canada, valued in excess of USD $1 billion. Advanced telecommunications and infrastructure and regulatory policies that play in your favor, low operating costs and tax credits, and multi-cultural population effectively support the software industry.  Canada has many skilled IT resources, a stable workforce, similar culture to the U.S., and coordinating time zones with the U.S.  The nation benefits from having high-tech infrastructure, high English language fluency, an educated workforce, and quality voice-based businesses.

Canada in comparison to outsourcing to the global programming industry isn’t as strong compared to India. The chart below shows the exports of computer and information services In Canada in comparison to other countries. As you can see India leads the pack followed by the United States when it comes to outsourcing IT jobs.  Canada is still at the top of the list but falls a little behind in comparison to Israel and China.


Many of Canada’s financial institutions have outsourced all or part of their IT departments. CIBC and HP signed a $2-billion contract to provide it with “comprehensive IT services” over the seven years. Laurentian Bank outsourced its IT services to CGI Group and Scotiabank outsourced its computer operations to IBM Canada. The Bank of Canada also outsourced by outsourcing the data and support services for its Canada Savings Bond program to EDS Canada, transferring 500 workers to EDS. IT outsourcing isn’t just about data processing, it can also include infrastructure, e-commerce, network management and security.



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