Canada’s Cyber Security Strategy

1. Securing Government systems – Canadians trust Government with their personal and corporate information, and also trust Government to deliver services to them. They also trust that the Government will act to defend Canada’s cyber sovereignty and protect and advance our national security and economic interests. The Government will put in place the necessary structures, tools and personnel to meet its obligations for cyber security.

2. Partnering to secure vital cyber systems outside the federal Government – Canada’s economic prosperity and Canadians’ security depend on the smooth functioning of systems outside the Government. In cooperation with provincial and territorial governments and the private sector, the Government will support initiatives and take steps to strengthen Canada’s cyber resiliency, including that of its critical infrastructure sectors.

3. Helping Canadians to be secure online – The Government will assist Canadians in getting the information they need to protect themselves and their families online, and strengthen the ability of law enforcement agencies to combat cyber crime.


The Strategies Steps to slow down crime set out by the Canadian Government.

  • Reflects Canadian values such as the rule of law, accountability and privacy
  • Allows continual improvements to be made to meet emerging threats
  • Integrates activity across the Government of Canada
  • Emphasizes partnerships with Canadians, provinces, territories, business and academe
  • Builds our close working relationships with our allies.
  • Educate the public of the dangers of cyber crime and what to look out for.



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