Canadas LanguageCanada has two official languages, English and French. English accounts for 56.9% and French accounts for 21.3% of the population who speak these languages at home as their first choice  The Canadian Constitution recognizes both English and French as the official language and therefore all government services will offer both. This means when you go to a government ran facility such as a courthouse, you will be able to request the information in either language.

Canada’s language diversity goes past just the two official languages though. Canada has over 50 native languages and that means over 6.4 million people use another language other then English or French as their first language. Canada even has a population of .6% that speak what is considered an Indigenous or Aboriginal language. chart of none english

98.2% of Canadians have knowledge of one or both of the country’s two official languages according to the 2011 census. From 2006 to 2011, the number of people that are able to speak both English and French rose nearly 350,000 people up to a total of around 5.8 million. Quebec is the most bilingual of all the territories with 94.3% of the people are knowledgeable in French and 47.2% knowledgeable in English. This area and one other area is know ans the “bilingual belt.” This makes 57.4% of the whole Canadian population that is bilingual come from Quebec itself, and a high percentage of the rest of the bilingual population residing very close to Quebec.



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