Culture in Canada

Culture in Canada has a lot of aspects because of the diversity in the people that live in such this large area. Historically there is a lot of European influence in Canada’s traditions. French and British cultures are very prominent along with its own Indigenous cultures. American culture has bleed into Canada also because of the close proximity and migration from the USA.

Canada has a very progressive style that is diverse and broad. The Canadian Government has influence this culture with some of the policies it has put in place over the years. Some of the policies are same-sex marriage, making capital punishment illegal, higher taxation to increase public assistance, and publicly funded health care system.


Sports in Canada consist of a lot of different games, but the first one that comes to mind when thinking about Canada is ice hockey. Hockey is Canada’s most popular winter sport and they are the most successful at this when it comes to international rankings and competition. Sense Canada has a cooler climate, they attribute this to the reason that they are more successful at the Olympic Winter games over the Summer Olympics.

When doing business in Canada, their are not many differences then in the USA, but there are some that should be taken into account. However there is a considerable difference in focus between the United States and Canada as it pertains to employment and labor relations. In essence, Canadian law presumes the vulnerability of employees, and provides protections and minimum standards with which all employers must comply. Canada has a strong employee or labor bias that is less evident in the United States.

Americans doing business in Canada require employees. They need to conduct the hiring, and then managing and sometimes terminating, of these employees. There are also special challenges related to labor relations in Canada. Rather than risk exposure to penal sanctions, workforce disruptions, and/or lawsuits, local employment and labor lawyers should be used before you get yourself in trouble.



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