IT Infrastructure


Canada’s IT Infrastructure

Cananda’s largest 3 telecommunication companies that build Canada’s IT Infrastructure are Bell Telephone Company, Rogers Telecommunications, and Telus.

Bell Telephone Company was founded in 1880 and Canada granted Bell a monopoly on the long distance phone service that gave this company a great foundation for success. Bell is a publicly traded company that employs 54,000 workers and is traded under the symbol BCE on the New York Stock Exchange.

Rogers Communications is another large player in Canada’s tel-com market. Rogers focuses on the mobile telephone market and is also traded publicly as ticker symbol RCI. Rogers employs around 28,000 employees and in 2010 reported profits in its first quarter of over 11.3 billion Canadian dollars.

Telus is the newest player in the game and was founded in 1999. Telus provides home telephone, high speed internet, cable television, satellite television, and cell phone service throughout Canada. With 12 million customer connections, 6.5 million wireless subscribers, 4 million network access lines, and 1.1 million customers taking advantage of its high speed internet service, Telus is a large piece to Canada’s IT infrastructure.

IT Stats in Canada

Internet in Canada

  • Internet service providers: 760 
  • Country codes: CA, CDN, 124
  • Internet users: 25.086 million
  • Internet hosts: 7.77 million
  • Total households with Internet access: 6.7 million out of 12.3 million
  • Total households with high speed connection: 65%
  • Total users of home online banking: 57% 

Telephones – main lines in use: 18.251 million (2009)

Telephones – mobile cellular: 23.081 million (2009)

Telephone system:

  • Domestic: domestic satellite system with about 300 earth stations
  • International: 7 coaxial submarine cables; satellite earth stations – 5



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